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L'ICSS est une fondation de droit qatarien, organisme de droit privé à but non lucratif, abondée par l'Etat du Qatar.

The ICSS-Sorbonne Sport Integrity Program



The ICSS and the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris I University) have entered into a partnership agreement whereby the institutions have agreed to work together to address sport integrity issues, particularly in relation to match-fixing and illegal and irregular betting.

The announcement and signing of the Partnership Agreement was made on 14 March, 2012 in Doha, Qatar. The Program is the first of its kind in the world and has created a central hub for knowledge gathering and information sharing with international sporting federations to promote and globally support sport integrity.

Key aspects of the Program include:
•    the creation of a jointly run Sport Integrity research initiative with the ultimate goal of promoting an international legal framework to curb match-fixing, illegal betting, and all issues which relate to the manipulation of sports results;
•    extensively consulting with key decision-makers from various sporting federations in order to provide long-lasting, pertinent and innovative solutions to combat the proliferation of match-fixing, and other forms of manipulation of sports results; and
•    the establishment of a Master’s Program in Sport Integrity at Paris I University.

The overarching focus of the ICSS-Sorbonne Sport Integrity Program is on collaboration of all relevant international stakeholders, facilitating synergies with:
•    existing working groups targeting the manipulation of sports results;
•    international sport federations;
•    inter-governmental bodies:
•    governmental stakeholders;
•    bookmakers and betting industry experts;
•    sport integrity experts; and
•    the wider international sport community as a whole.

For more information on the Program, contact us here


Ethics and Sport Security Program

As a first stage, in association with the Master in Sport Integrity program at Paris I University, the ICSS-Sorbonne Sport Integrity Program has launched the research initiative "Ethics and Sport Security" with a main focus on the links between international gambling and sports results manipulation for the purposes of betting fraud.  This initiative has been established with the goal of creating a forum for interdisciplinary thinking at the international level, dedicated to bringing new solutions to the multifaceted problems concerning ethics and sport security, unregulated gambling and match-fixing, while enhancing understanding of these phenomena and demonstrating their transnational relevance.

For more information on the Program, contact us here

Objectives of the Program

The Program has two main objectives:

1.    to identify the mechanisms currently available to fight against sports results manipulation and unregulated and illegal gambling and match-fixing, to assess their effectiveness under the various statutes of sport bodies and criminal and regulatory laws, whether national or supranational, and to identify existing gaps and propose possible solutions without obscuring potential drawbacks and challenges related to competition standards; and
2.    to propose an international legal instrument which addresses sports results manipulation, unregulated and illegal gambling and match-fixing through a combination of articulated strategies including prevention, detection and investigation mechanisms, criminalization and punishment and functional regulation of presently illegal or unregulated international gambling practices.

For more information on the Program, contact us here


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