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President, CEO and Founder of Entrepreneur Venture

Alain Beaulac is President, CEO and Founder of Entrepreneur Venture, a company launched in 2000 which invests notably in companies created by former high level sportsmen and new technologies applied to sport, new media and betting.

Alain started his career at Deloitte, where he spent five years in corporate finance and then in legal and tax advisory services, during which he gained a degree in law and qualified as certified public accountant. 


He eventually went on to become Senior Manager in the Corporate Finance department there, during which period he worked on reorganisation of French football clubs. 

He then went on to hold numerous posts in senior corporate positions including as a Partner at Ricol, Lasteyrie et Associés, a financial engineering firm operating predominantly in the high-tech and multimedia sectors, and as Finance Director/Company Secretary at  Parsons & Whittemore, a company specialising in funds management, analysis of investment opportunities and monitoring business development of portfolio companies.

Alain Beaulac also served for several years as a Professor in corporate law and tax at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and University of Paris Dauphine (company organisation) and was advisor for the Banque de France.

Photo d'Alain Beaulac